May 17, 2012

Taeguk Chil Jang

Mountain (Never giving up) Mountains will always look majestic, no matter the size. This Poomse should be performed with the feeling that all movements are majestic, strong and proud.



The Synoptic Table of Taegeuk 7 Jang


  1. Wen beomseogi batangson momtong anmakki
  2. Apchagi wen beomseogi momtong anmakki
  3. oreun beomseogi batangson momtong anmakki
  4. Apchagi oreun beomseogi momtong anmakki
  5. Oreun dwitkubi sonnal araemakki
  6. Wen dwitkubi sonnal araemakki
  7. Wen beomseogi batangson momtong kodureo anmakki
  8. Deungjumeok olgul ahchigi
  9. oreun beomseogi batangson momtong kodureo anmakki
  10. Deungjumeok olgul ahchigi
  11. Moaseogi bojumeok
  12. Wen apkubi bandae kawimakki kawimakki
  13. Oreun apkubi bandae kawimakki kawimakki
  14. Wen apkubi momtong hechomakki
  15. Mureupchigi dwikkoaseogi jeochojireugi
  16. Oreun apkubi arae otgoreo makki
  17. oreun apkubi momtong hechomakki
  18. Mureupchigi dwikkoaseogi jeochojireugi
  19. wen apkubi arae otgoreo makki
  20. wen apseogi deungjumeok bakkatchigi
  21. pyojeokchagi juchumseogi palkup pyojeokchigi
  22. oreun apseogi deungjumeok bakkatchigi
  23. pyojeokchagi juchumseogi palkup pyojeokchigi
  24. juchumseogi hansonnal yopmakki
  25. juchumseogi momtong yopjireugi “kihap”