May 17, 2012

Taeguk EE Jang

Still Lake (Strong inside, gentle outside) In the depths of the lake are treasures and mysteries. The movements of this Taeguk should be performed knowing that man has limitations but that we can overcome these limitations. This should lead to a feeling of joy knowing that we can control our future.



The Synoptic Table of Taegeuk 2 Jang


  1. Wen apseogi arae makki
  2. Oreun apkubi momtong bandae jireugi
  3. Oreun apseogi arae makki
  4. Wen apkubi momtong bandae jireugi
  5. Wen apseogi momtong anmakki
  6. Oreun apseogi momtong anmakki
  7. Wen apseogi momtong arae makki
  8. Apchagi oreun apkubi olgul bandae jireugi
  9. Oreun apseogi arae makki
  10. Apchagi wen apkubi olgul bandae jireugi
  11. Wen apseogi olgul makki
  12. Oreun apseogi olgul makki
  13. Wen apseogi momtong an-makki
  14. Oreun apseogi momtong an-makki
  15. Wen apkubi arae makki
  16. Apchagi oreun apseogi momtong bandae jireugi
  17. Apchagi wen apseogi momtong bandae jireugi
  18. Apchagi oreun apseogi momtong bandae jireugi