May 17, 2012

Taeguk Pal Jang

Earth (circle of life) The associated trigram of this Poomse is Yin – the end of the beginning, the evil part of all that is good. Even in this darkness, there is still some light. Performing this Taeguk one should be aware that this is the last Taeguk to be learned. It is also the end of a circle, and therefore it is also the first, the second etc…




The Synoptic Table of Taegeuk 8 Jang


  1. Oreun dwitkubi kodureo bakkatmakki
  2. Wen apkubi momtong barojireugi
  3. Dangseong apchagi “kihap”
  4. Wen apkubi momtong anmakki momtong dubeonjireugi
  5. Oreun apkubi momtong bandaejireugi
  6. Oreun apkubi wesanteulmakki
  7. Wen apkubi dangkyo teokjireugi
  8. Apkkoaseogi wen apkubi wesanteulmakki
  9. oreun apkubi dangkyo teokjireugi
  10. Oreun dwitkubi sonnalmakki
  11. Wen apkubi momtong barojireugi
  12. Apchagi Oreun beomseogi batangson momtongmakki
  13. Wen beomseogi sonnal momtongmakki
  14. Apchagi wen apkubi momtong barojireugi
  15. Wen beomseogi batangson momtongmakki
  16. oreun beomseogi sonnal momtongmakki
  17. Apchagi oreun apkubi momtong barojireugi
  18. oreun beomseogi batangson momtongmakki
  19. wen dwitkubi kodureo makki
  20. apchagi tweo apchagi “kihap”
  21. oreun apkubi momtong makki momtong dubeonjireugi
  22. Oreun dwitkubi hansonnal momtong bakkatmakki
  23. Wen apkubi oreunpalkup dollyochigi
  24. deungjumeok apchigi momtong bandaejireugi
  25. oreun apkubi momtong makki momtong dubeonjireugi
  26. wen dwitkubi hansonnal momtong bakkatmakki
  27. oreun apkubi oreunpalkup dollyochigi
  28. deungjumeok apchigi momtong bandaejireugi junbi